Coast Transmission

447 West Bay Street Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 548-2288


My '95 Del Sol's transmission was getting a bit sticky so I took it over to the shop. The mechanic asked me describe the problem, lifted the hood, topped off the transmission fluid, and shook my hand. This is an honest shop. Free diagnostic as well! And they won't force you into paying for anything while the car is in pieces. Thank you for the great service. Much luck! - Emobi A

As I noticed my 2005 Nissan Maxima started to make some odd jerks in transition, I feared the worst. I searched on-line looking for someone close to my office. I found a couple of larger brand names and then Coast Transmission. I called and spoke with Tony who was extremely knowledgeable and up front. His 50 plus years of being in business meant they were doing something right. I brought my car in that afternoon and he tested my car with the computer and a free test drive. We agreed I had an upcoming larger problem as the transmission was on its last few months. But for now, he turned me away and gave me great driving tips to prolong the life of my transmission. When the day does come to rebuild the transmission, Coast Transmission will surely get the call. Thanks Tony & Meg! - Jim P

For a few weeks I had noticed what felt like my transmission starting to fail (2001 Dodge Dakota 4x4). I checked the fluid and it smelled burned so I went on google to find a shop. Having been in business since 1957, I figured Coast Transmission must be doing something right so the next morning I gave them a call. From the start, I was immensely impressed. The receptionist took note of my problem and what I'd done to diagnose it and what I thought I needed and advised me that they have a policy of doing a thorough diagnostic before recommending any course of action or repair possibilities. The combined experience had me hoping for a good experience and instead I had a GREAT experience. I arrived for my appointment and Tony talked with me briefly to get an idea of what was wrong and then started his diagnosis. They do diagnostic services for FREE- whether you use their shop for repairs or not. A lot of shops around here charge in the $45 dollar range and then take it off if you choose to get repairs. When I asked Tony why they did not charge he replied, "My dad didn't run the business that way, and I won't either. The customer is #1 and I'd rather have a happy repeat customer than a one time easy buck". Wow, Tony, I wish more shops understood this rapidly dwindling business practice! Tony ascertained that I had almost everything wrong BUT my transmission and laid out what he thought each repair would cost. He also recommended the order in which I do the repairs- the most profitable of which (transfer case replacement- it is in bad shape) he said I could wait on as long as I don't take any long trips. He recommended I first replace the U-joints in my drive shaft which was quoted at $180 and the final bill was $172. That solved the "clunking" sound when letting off the gas. He explained in detail from his experience what I would be looking at to get my truck in good shape again, including the issues that he would not be handling anyway. Because the repair was going to take some time, Tony graciously drove me back to Newport Beach and called me before returning to pick me up. Since his shop had been looking at my truck all day, he gave me further advice on what to expect and what order I should get repairs done in. He recommended 2 local general mechanics shops and I have an appt with one this coming Monday based on his recommendation. The entire time I was dealing with Tony and his staff, I kept waiting for the punchline because I have not experienced such selfless customer service at a maintenance shop in my entire life. I was so happy to realize there is no punchline. Coast Transmission and Tony Casillas are a top notch crew. As a medically retired Vet living on a fixed income, such shops are a true blessing. Between the upfront pricing, the honest attitude, and the free diagnosis I couldn't be happier. I'm still needing to fix the transfer case and as soon as I have the money, I can't think of a better shop to give that money to than Coast Transmission. Good business ethics are a rare thing in the automotive repair industry. Please reward one of the good guys if you need a service he can provide. Don't just take my word for it, give them a call or stop on by, you'll be impressed. - Google User